David Bean

High School: JD Darnell 1975

College: Illinois State Bachelor of Music Education 1979

First Job: Milledgeville 5-12 1979-82

1982: Hired at Morrison High School a Director of Bands

1990-91: Left Morrison for graduate work at ISU

Duties: Marching Band, instrumental techniques, supervised student teachers”

2015: WILL retire from Morrison High School as a champion of music education in our state

Distinguished service to ILMEA throughout his career

1986-88: District 8 President

“I did just about every job at the district level one can do in band.”

(many years) Chairman, All-State Honors Band

1995-97: Elected as state president elect

1997-99: ILMEA State President

1999-01: Past President

David’s favorite part of serving ILMEA was the Annual MUED day in Springfield. He enjoyed “visiting all the districts, getting to know everyone all over the state”. As President serving on the North Central Board, he “really enjoyed meeting

people from all over the country”. He has many student success stories including the 20 of his students out teaching throughout the US. He has some professional musicians out performing. He also has one former student, Paul Klimson, who is a professional audio engineer. He just left the Tonight Show, formerly with Jay Leno and is now running audio for major pop stars such as Justin Timberlake’s Tour and sound for Madonna’s performance on the Grammys. Klimson says, “ I owe all success from what I learned in band”.

David is married to Ann, a science teacher in Dixon Illinois. He and Ann have one daughter, Laura, 22 years old (an oboist and fine singer) and is finishing at ISU and enjoying her job at State farm.

Following retirement, David and Ann look forward to traveling the US and abroad, “Taking their time enjoying the destinations.” They both look forward to their daughter becoming more financially independent.”