Chapter Officers

President is elected to a three year term. Presides over the annual meeting, insures that committee reports are given at that meeting, appoints committee chairpersons, and insures that the committees function. The President will also appoint a nominating committee that will present a slate for the ensuing three year term at the annual meeting of the second year in office. Election will be either by acclamation at the meeting or by mail or email ballot if there are multiple suggestions for the offices. The President may serve more than one term.

Vice-President is elected to a three year term. Assists the President in the overall management of the chapter, assumes the responsibility of the President if that individual is unable to perform his or her duties and obligations. This officer should be directly responsible for the maintaining of the membership by contacting those who have fallen behind in their dues and participation. Assisting in the recruitment of new members is also an important function of this office.

Recording Secretary is elected to a three year term. Maintains the minutes of the proceedings of the annual meeting and any other special session deemed worthy of reporting to the membership. The minutes will be prepared and turned over to the President for distribution. This officer will also be charged with providing updated material for the website.

Executive Secretary is not an elected officer of the chapter but rather a non-compensated employee engaged and supervised by the executive committee made up of the three elected chapter officers. This officer has no policy making power. Duties of this individual include the collection and distribution of all monies generated by membership dues and any other chapter sponsored fund raising activity. This officer shall also prepare and distribute dues notices, reminders, chapter reports, nominating forms, procure pins and awards, maintain an up to date chapter roster and financial record, file annual reports with approriate payments to the International office, organize the agenda for the annual meeting, make luncheon arrangements for that meeting, pay all bills regularly contracted by the chapter, and render a true account of the funds, property, and membership of the chapter when required. The Executive Secretary is entitled to mileage and per diem associated with the regular obligations of the office (limits can be set by the chapter). This officer is subject to a three year review at which time either a change or re-appointment would take place.