Annual Meeting Minutes - Phi Beta Mu - Illinois - January 27, 2012

President Vroman called the meeting to order at 11:30 a.m.

New members, Donna Martin and William Petersen were initiated.

Business Meeting

With a motion from Ann Lusher and seconded Mike Fansler, 2011 meeting minutes were approved as presented.

Financial Report

Charles Groeling, Executive Secretary submitted the 2011 Annual Financial Report in full. The year-end balance was $6171.47. The membership summary shows 110 total members, a gain of 4 this year.

Mr. Groeling also mentioned that since we are no longer sponsoring a composition contest, we have a larger balance. He suggested that the membership might consider printing 2 newsletters per year and that the postage could easily be covered. He also stated that he was concerned with the aging membership and that we need to be attracting younger members. A target goal of 8 or 9 new members per year was suggested.

With a motion from Steve Scherer and seconded by George Caton the financial report was approved.

President Vroman thanked Charles Groeling for his work as Executive Secretary.

Outstanding Bandmaster Award and Hall of Fame Award Reports

Nominations were made, researched and accepted for both committees.

Both committee chairs, Rex Benson (President Vroman reported in his absence) and George Caton encouraged the membership to consider making nominations.

Web Page Report

John Springbrunn encouraged members to send biographies and pictures of past award winners.

Old Business

President Vroman encouraged the membership to write articles for the e-newsletter.

President Vroman presented the letter that he wrote to Darcy Nendza proposing an annual session to be presented at IMEA for the 2013 Conference. Ms. Nendza’s response was positive, so the membership discussed possible sessions. Charles Groeling suggested that the first session should be exceptionally appealing with a well known speaker. He suggested that the membership might set the budget at the meeting before adjourning. John Springbrunn suggested that we need to raise the profile of the organization. Ann Lusher suggested that offering monetary prizes to students in the showcase concert might be a way to do this. President Vroman also reminded the membership that giving scholarships has been mentioned in the past.

He also reminded that visibility was important, but ideas must stay within the IMEA philosophies. Bernie Potter suggested that the session should utilize the membership’s expertise. One of the members stated that he has been working on a curriculum and assessment presentation that he would be ready to share next year. Bill McClellen also suggested that the presentation could have to do with preparing teachers for board certification. President Vroman suggested that members send ideas to the president or committee members.

New Business

Bernie Potter moved to form a committee to explore ideas for a session for next year’s conference with a budget of $500-$1000 to make it happen. Joe Lawrence seconded the motion. Motion Carried. The committee will consist of Bernie Potter, Stephanie Kirk, John Springbrunn and Bill McClellen.

The meeting was adjourned for lunch and Stephanie Kirk said the blessing.

Outstanding Bandmaster Award was presented to James Hile

(Dr. Vroman please insert info. here.)

Hall of Fame Award was presented to William Jastrow

A student of Harry Begian at the University of Illinois, and John Paynter at Northwestern University, William Jastrow’s professional experience comprises over thirty-five years of vocal and instrumental music teaching in Illinois schools. Prior to joining the faculty at Neuqua Valley H.S., Jastrow taught at Coal City H.S., Glenbard South H.S. (Glen Ellyn), Rolling Meadows H.S., and Homewood-Flossmoor H.S., his alma mater. His most recent full time position was at Neuqua Valley, where he taught the concert band, directed the Jazz Band and the Klangfarben Percusssion Ensemble, and assisted with the Marching Wildcats as an arranger, drill designer, and pit percussion instructor. He currently serves the Indian Prairie School District 204 part-time as the District Music Coordinator.

Jastrow’s professional service includes two terms as Illinois Music Educators Association Band Division Vice-President, one term as State President, and affiliations with various professional music associations. Jastrow has appeared as a clinician at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention, the IMEA and ICMEA State Conferences, and the MENC National Assembly. In addition, Jastrow is a contributing author to Percussion Education: A Source Book of Concepts and Information. The Music Director’s Cookbook series, and the Illinois Music Educator Magazine. Over his career, Jastrow’s bands have performed for the University of Illinois Superstate Festival, the National Band Association, the Fiesta Bowl and Outback Bowl Parades and for international audiences in Ireland, England, Scandinavia, and China.

Jastrow is the recipient of the John Paynter Lifetime Achievement Award and an IMEA Distinguished Service Award. In 2007, Jastrow was honored to be selected as the conductor of the Illinois All-State Band. Earlier this year, Jastrow was named by MENC as one of seven inaugural national “Teaching Music Award” recipients. Jastrow has also

been honored by the Illinois State Board of Education with a special recognition for “Those Who Excel.”

President Vroman closed the meeting at 1:05pm