Annual Meeting Minutes - Phi Beta Mu - Illinois - January 30, 2015

President Vroman called the meeting to order at 11:37 a.m.

New members, Brian Covey, Kurt Gros, Michael Lehman, Gerald D. Powell, Philip Whaley, and Chris Buti were initiated.

Business Meeting

The 2014 meeting minutes were approved as presented.

Executive Secretary’s Report

Since the position of Executive Secretary has not been filled yet, President Vroman gave a brief report. He said that there is money in the treasury. He also mentioned that there may have been some dues checks that may not have been cashed after the loss of past Executive Secretary, Charles Groeling. Members will not be asked to make up the loss of funds. Please contact President Vroman if a member is interested in becoming the Executive Secretary. Otherwise, the Executive Director will be appointed by the officers of the chapter.

The duties of this office: Maintain Dues, Manage Membership List,

Present Annual Report, Order Pins and Plaques, and Take Care of Correspondence.

Outstanding Bandmaster Award Reports

Mike Fansler reported that nominations were made, researched and four finalists were accepted. The committee was pleased with the process and the result naming David Bean as the Outstanding Bandmaster Award Winner.

Hall of Fame Award Report

Matt Thomas reported that no nominations were submitted by the membership. The committee discussed members as possible candidates, but in the end decided to forego presenting an award this year.

Web Page Report

John Springbrunn again encouraged members to send their biographies to him to put on the website. Send them to John ready to publish.

He mentioned that other chapters are looking at our website. It was also suggested that our email addresses could be added to that site so that members could easily contact each other and be contacted by members of other chapters. There was also discussion about possibly adding some mentoring information (like we have seen in our newsletter) to the website.

Old Business

President Vroman stated that we did have some miscommunication about the Phi Beta Mu sponsored event for ILMEA Conference this year. There was interest in having WIU Band present. Unfortunately the application did not get processed. President Vroman suggested that the ILMEA Committee (Bernie Potter, Stephanie Kirk, John Springbrunn, Bill McClellen) formalize this process, so that this will not happen again. After the presenter has been approved by the chapter, the presenter must fill out the

paperwork to ILMEA as usual (deadline April 1). On the application it should also be added that this is the Phi Beta Mu sponsored presentation. Mike Fansler will process this event for next year’s conference with the sponsorship of Phi Beta Mu.

New Business

President Vroman posed the idea of getting our chapter together more than our annual meeting at the conference. He suggested a more social setting in the summer for example dinner and a concert. Great suggestions were made such as dinner and a CSO Concert or a free Grant Park concert. President Vroman left it that the executive officers would consider these ideas.

The meeting was adjourned for lunch at 12:15

Award Presentation

Outstanding Bandmaster of the Year (2015) David Bean

High School: JD Darnell 1975

College: First Job:

1982: 1990-91


Illinois State Bachelor of Music Education 1979 Milledgeville 5-12 1979-82

Hired at Morrison High School a Director of Bands

Left Morrison for graduate work at ISU

Duties: Marching Band, instrumental techniques, supervised student teachers”

WILL retire from Morrison High School as a champion of music education in our state

Distinguished service to ILMEA throughout his career

1986-88: District 8 President

“I did just about every job at the district level one can do in band.”

(many years) Chairman, All-State Honors Band 1995-97 Elected as state president elect 1997-99 ILMEA State President

1999-01 Past President

David’s favorite part of serving ILMEA was the Annual MUED day in Springfield. He enjoyed “visiting all the districts, getting to know everyone all over the state”. As President serving on the North Central Board, he “really enjoyed meeting people from all over the country”. He has many student success stories including the 20 of his students out teaching throughout the US. He has some professional musicians out performing. He also has one

former student, Paul Klimson, who is a professional audio engineer. He just left the Tonight Show, formerly with Jay Leno and is now running audio for major pop stars such as Justin Timberlake’s Tour and sound for Madonna’s performance on the Grammys. Klimson says, “ I owe all success from what I learned in band”.

David is married to Ann, a science teacher in Dixon Illinois. He and Ann have one daughter, Laura, 22 years old [an oboist and fine singer] and is finishing at ISU and enjoying her job at State farm.

Following retirement, David and Ann look forward to traveling the US and abroad, “Taking their time enjoying the destinations.” They both look forward to their daughter becoming more financially independent.”

President Vroman closed the meeting at 12:55 p.m.