Annual Meeting Minutes - Phi Beta Mu - Illinois - January 29, 2016

President Vroman called the meeting to order at 11:35 a.m.

New members, (INSERT NEW MEMBER NAMES HERE) were initiated.

Business Meeting

The 2015 meeting minutes were approved as presented.

Executive Secretary’s Report

Since the position of Executive Secretary has not been filled yet, President Vroman gave a brief report. He said that there is money in the treasury (approximately $7,400). He stated that 70% of the membership had paid dues so far this year. He also mentioned some of the expenses this year would be paying for the annual luncheon, dues to the National Chapter, mailings, and the website fee.

Outstanding Bandmaster Award Reports

Mike Fansler reported that nominations were made and researched, and finalists were accepted. The committee was pleased with the record number of nominations submitted. It was later revealed that Brian Logan was the Outstanding Bandmaster Award recipient with a unanimous vote by the committee.

Hall of Fame Award Report

Matt Thomas reported that the Hall of Fame Award was tabled this year. Unfortunately only half of the committee could give input. Nominations that were submitted for 2016 will be considered next year and will not need to be resubmitted for the 2017 award. Matt also encouraged the membership to add more nominations for consideration.

IMEC Report

This year’s IMEC Committee was made up of John Springbrunn, Stephanie Kirk, and Bill McClellan, with John reporting. The committee did not endorse a presentation this year due to timing issues. ILMEA Presentation Procedures have now been established by the committee to help keep all persons wishing to present informed. These procedures can be found on the Phi Beta Mu website under IMEA Presentations. Links to Performance Applications and Clinic Session Applications can also be found on the website. It was also noted that the procedures title will be adjusted to ILMEA Presentations.

Web Page Report

John Springbrunn reported that he has added two new pages to our website, The first is a page listing all members and their hyperlinked email addresses. The second is a news page with various items like a story about a new app for the conference and free downloads from the “President’s Own” Marine Band. He mentioned that other chapters are looking at our website.

Old Business

President Vroman thanked Stacey Dolan for organizing the summer event for June 20, 2015. He also encouraged the membership to continue this kind of activity in the future. Anyone is interested in organizing another event for the membership should simply let him know. Also, the Mark Twain has been sold. President Vroman will talk to the new owners to see if we will be able to return to Packard Plaza (owned by Mark Twain) in January 2017.

New Business

After seeing projects that other chapters have completed on the National website, President Vroman mentioned that our chapter may want to begin working on a few projects. The first suggestion was to create a scholarship for a graduating high school Senior student that could possibly pay for a music major’s music books. He suggested that Kidder Music might work out a deal to sell the music books at a discounted price to be even more help to the student. It was suggested that possibly several of these book scholarships could be offered each year.

It was also suggested that funding Summer Camp Scholarships might be a good way to help students. President Vroman asked members to sign up for this new committee on the attendance sheet.

The membership also discussed the fact that Regenstiein Hall at Northwestern has had a great deal of remodeling done. There is a question about a home for the Phi Beta Mu Hall of Fame photo array at Regenstein -- can it stay or must it be relocated? John Thompson and Kim Farris will research the situation and let President Vromen know if it needs to be moved.

President Vroman let the membership know that two Phi Beta Mu members passed away this year. President shared the following information about Cliff Kaminsky and William Worra. (PLACE BIOGRAPHY INFORMATION FOR CLIFF AND BILL HERE )

The meeting was adjourned for lunch at 12:20 p.m.

Award Presentation

Outstanding Bandmaster of the Year (2016) Brian Logan (PLACE BRIAN LOGAN NOTES FROM MIKE FANSLER HERE)

President Vroman closed the meeting at 12:55 p.m.